Welcome to our calendar of painting and sculpture symposiums in Quebec, including annual exhibitions, where art flourishes and creative talents are celebrated. This calendar brings together a selection of the most exciting events accessible to all, allowing you to dive into the world of visual art and discover extraordinary works. Get ready to experience moments of artistic wonder and discover visual treasures during these symposia and annual exhibitions. Check our calendar regularly for dates, locations and details of upcoming events.

Note: Please note that the information presented in this calendar is subject to possible changes. It is recommended to check for regular updates and contact the organizers for the latest information.

If you are an art lover looking for a unique experience and the opportunity to acquire an exceptional work, the painting and sculpture symposiums in Quebec are events not to be missed. By visiting these symposia, you will be immersed in a dynamic artistic world where you can admire a variety of creative works by talented artists. The effervescent atmosphere of these events will allow you to appreciate the art in all its glory and to see the artists at work, bringing their ideas to life and capturing moments of inspiration on the canvas.

Whether you are drawn to a particular artistic style or simply want to be surprised by new artistic expressions, the symposia offer you a unique opportunity to explore and contemplate a diversity of creations. Moreover, if you are tempted to add a new piece to your personal collection, the symposia also offer you the possibility of acquiring works directly from the artists. Meet them, discuss their inspirations, their techniques and their stories behind each work. As much for local exhibitions as for road trips, it is a privileged opportunity to buy a painting that really touches you, benefiting from the authenticity and the proximity of the experience.

If you are an artist looking for opportunities to share your talent and exhibit your creations, painting and sculpture symposiums and annual exhibitions in Quebec are unmissable events. By participating in these symposia, you will be able to connect with other artists, expand your professional network and benefit from increased visibility among an art-loving public. These events provide an ideal platform to present your work, receive constructive feedback and exchange ideas with experts and art lovers.

Whether you are an established or emerging artist, attending a symposium can help you gain recognition, expand your clientele, and establish valuable contacts in the art world. Symposiums in Quebec are renowned for their openness to all artistic styles, which means you can freely express your artistic vision and share your passion with a diverse audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to show off your talent and leave your mark on the Quebec artistic world by registering now for one of the upcoming painting and sculpture symposiums.

References : Académie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec, Programmation AGAVF, roberlam, Luce Lamoureux, organizers’ websites and Facebook pages listed below, Bing and Google searches.

Additions and fixes : If your annual visual arts symposium is missing from this list, or if a correction is needed, connect with Philippe Bédard via LinkedIn or Facebook

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