Fruits and bottle (Oil on canvas)

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© Philippe Bédard / Fruits and bottle (Oil on canvas)
Fruits and bottle, Philippe Bédard, mars 2004. Oil on canvas, 50 x 40,6 cm (20 x 16 po). © Philippe Bédard.

This still life was created on the motif from fruits and objects provided by the teacher. Each student had the freedom to compose the image in their own way under their guidance. The composition of the work is rather simple, where each object is “connected”, having no space between them.

With the exception of the apple on the left side, all of the fruit is in the wicker and fabric basket. I chose to include a pear, an orange, a bunch of grapes, a banana and a second apple. The bottle is visibly in green glass and its base is also in wicker. The objects were present only the first lesson. I had to continue this painting in the following lessons using only my memory … That’s kind of why the glass in the foreground is more opaque than transparent! But it was still an old glass, thick and rather cloudy. The objects rest on an old wooden table that time has worked.

The bottom is what is called a Sfumato. It is a technique that allows you to “see” the air and focus the gaze on the subject. Notice the corners first - they’re darker to avoid attracting attention. Then, to create depth and space, the background features an oppositely colored smoke trail along the color wheel. Orange is the opposite color to blue. This technique is easily done in oils as the paint dries very slowly. To make it easier to blend the colors, I used a dry fan brush which blends the colors directly onto the canvas.

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