Sketch in 2 minutes (charcoal)

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Sketch in 2 minutes, Philippe Bédard, February 2007. Charcoal and pastel on paper, 30,5 x 45,7 cm (12 x 18 po). © Philippe Bédard.

Here is an example of the sketches I make during my drawing classes from living models. All the sketches we make are very fast. We make more than 40 drawings per course and the majority are made in 15 or 30 seconds each. This example was done over a period of 2 minutes. It is extremely short and it exerts the speed to draw as faithfully as possible the essence of what we observe.

The head is too big? Maybe… but, the oval also includes hair… Having had more time, I probably would have continued with the face!

This example comes from the end of my second course. One after the other, we serve as a model for the other members of the group. Usually, we do about the same routine for each model. First, it offers six different poses of 15 seconds each. In order to understand the movement and arrangement of the character, these poses are drawn on a single sheet or two. Then, we make two drawings in 30 seconds each of the same pose. Finally, this pose is kept for a more detailed drawing of two minutes.

15 seconds… it’s fast!

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